Rogers Spring, Northshore Road, Lake Mead, Clark County, Nevada

Rogers Hot Spring Pool (Source:

Hot Springs: Rogers Spring

Rogers Spring (or Roger’s Spring) is located just off of Northshore Road (SR169), southeast of the Valley of Fire State Park, with the Lake Mead Recreation Area and just west or Stewarts Bay, Lake Mead.

Depending on the starting location in the Las Vegas Valley, the trip could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours (assuming you’re driving by car and not by horse and buggy or walking). Las Vegas Nevada Maps suggests use of Google Maps for Route Planning section below to assist in trip preparation.

Although the Waters are Warm… Swimming is Note Advised.

warning-sign-rogers-springAlthough the waters are naturally warm,  and Rogers Springs is listed as a natural (mineral) hot springs by multiple internet sources, local signs warn of vague dangers that amoebas will infect a “soaker” who dips their head.

In other words, it is not a good idea to go swimming.

However, there is obvious beauty to this high desert location that is worth a drive for those that appreciate the wide-open outdoors. The raw beauty of this location is apparent in the YouTube video published by Jerry Hill below (Source: YouTube via Hot Spring Soak).

Read more about this little known high desert natural hot springs in Clark County Nevada at Hot Spring Soak. More information is also available through the National Park Service at the following LINK.

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